Chairman’s Foreword

In my forward to the November 2014 Newsletter I mentioned that significant progress had been made on a number of important matters affecting the village. This newsletter can report two of these have now come to fruition.                  

Firstly, The capacity of the village’s infrastructure is a critical element of the village’s sustainable development and in this respect I am delighted to report that Severn Trent have confirmed a starting date of late April 2015 for work to improve the capacity of the sewer in Vicarage Lane, and hopefully make flooding there a thing of the past!

Secondly, The Council has had one of its busiest times in terms of planning applications, balancing the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) with the need to encourage sustainable development in the village without changing its essential character.                    

Finally, this will be my last Newsletter to the village as I am not seeking re-election to the Council on 7th May.   May I thank you for all the support which you have given to me during my time as a Councillor and Chairman.                   

Ken Treadaway

Neighbourhood Plan

Since the publication of the November Newsletter a significant milestone in the production of the Neighbourhood Plan have been reached.  

The first is that a Basic Conditions Statement (BCS) has been prepared by Independent Consultants.  This confirms that the Plan meets the Conditions necessary to allow it to be submitted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate.  So, following the minor redrafting as recommended by the Consultants, the Plan has been submitted for inspection to Stratford District Council (SDC).  After the election, SDC will invite wide consultation on the plan, which, when complete, will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate.  The Plan will then be subject to a Village Referendum and, if successful, will be adopted by SDC, probably in the Autumn but the precise rate of progress is subject to the adoption of the Core Strategy.  However, once the Plan has been submitted top SDC for examination it will have be considered in any future planning applications affecting the village.  

Please contact the Parish Clerk for a copy of the submission plan, which should also be available on SDC’s website in the near future.


Attend meetings, well yes – afraid quite a few of those but also on a practical front Councillors are expected to know and understand the village so regular monitoring of various issues is part of the job.  

The Council is up for re election on 7th May and if you have some spare time and might be interested in becoming involved do get in touch for nomination papers.The Council meets formally once a month.   There will be eight vacancies for Councillors, the Council having been enlarged from its current membership of six and the ideal is to have a broad cross section of the village represented on the Council.   Nominations papers are available from the Clerk (01608 684336) and completed applications have to be submitted to Stratford District Council by 9th April 2015.

Who is the new Parish Clerk and what does she do ?

Elizabeth Gilkes is indigenous to the parish and grew up on the family farm.  Although not currently living in the village she retains strong links through property and employment.  Her role is to support the Council in all activities, providing administrative and financial guidance plus acting as a conduit between villagers, the Parish, District and County Councils.

Since taking up post in January she has found that her historical knowledge of the village has proved useful on many occasions but she is also keen to see more Social Media implemented as part of the communication and transparency process.  The revamped Council website should soon be live but there are also proposals to establish Twitter and Facebook accounts for greater sharing of information.