Village Hall News

Hopefully you all have the date in your diaries – this month, our main event is the village street party which will take place at the village hall and grounds on Saturday 11th June between 2.30 and 5pm.

We will be decorating the hall, marquee and grounds in suitably patriotic fashion and we hope to see a great turnout for this special occasion.

Get ready to capture your significant memories from any time in the Queen’s 90 years – we will be building a Long Compton memory archive for future generations to appreciate.

On a very different note…we are seeking a piano ‘cradle’ to help us move the piano without damaging the wooden floor of the hall. If you happen to have one which you are willing to donate to the village hall, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

And finally… a reminder that we’ll be holding our annual Summer Fete and Dog Show on Saturday 2nd July.  More information next month.

Carole Nossiter, Secretary: 07786 238455