Notice of Conclusion of Audit of Long Compton Parish Council Accounts 2018-19

External Auditors Report on Accounts 2018-19

Governance Statement for Annual Return for Long Compton Parish Council 2018-19

Figures for Annual Return Accounting Statements Section for 2018-19 for Long Compton Parish Council


Annual Return Submission 2017-18

Notice advising Public Period of Inspection for Parish Council Accounts - 2017-18

Long Compton Parish Council Internal Auditors Report 2017-18

Accounting Statements for Long Compton Parish Council Annual Return 2017-18

Long Compton Parish Council Approved Governance Statement 2017-18

Report on Accounts Audit by External Auditor 2016-17

External Auditor Certificate 2016-17 Accounts

Commencement of Public Inspection Rights - 2016-17

Accounts Declaration 2016-17

Annual Return submitted to external auditor re 2016-17 accounts

Annual Governance Statement re 2016-17 Accounts

Audit Annual Return Certificates 2015-16

Accounting Statements 2014/15 for Long Compton Parish Council.

A list of Long Compton Parish Councils Assets

These financial regulations govern the conduct of financial management by the Council and may only be amended or varied by resolution of the Council.