2020 Year end report to Long Compton Parish Council and Flood Group.

Earlier this year SAFAG developed plans for a series of Natural Flood Management measures on and around the major watercourses and their feeders into Long Compton, principally Nethercote Brook and Shawnbrook.

These plans were evolved in conjunction with the relevant farmers, land owners and Long Compton Flood Group members, consented by Warwickshire CC’s flood management dep’t and with the support and agreement of Long Compton PC we have completed the following.

Woodlands Farm – Renewal and de sedimentation of an existing pond and 23 Leaky Dams on the stream from Long Compton woods. The landowner has also kindly enlarged an existing lake to increase storage capacity.

Yerdley Farm – 37 Leaky Dams on Nethercote Brook and 2 weather monitoring stations.

Butlers Road Farm – 36 Leaky Dams on the stream from Butlers Hill.

The Hollows – 14 Leaky Dams on a spring fed stream from Old Hill.

A further plan at Ashby Farm covering the Shawnbrook is also being developed following a change of ownership and once finalised we anticipate its implementation in 2021 when ground conditions permit. This scheme should also help reduce surface water run off to the west of the village.

All of the interventions already installed or planned have been designed to hold back, temporarily store and slow the flow of water into Long Compton from the brooks.

The heavy rainfall events subsequent to their completion appear to indicate that the interventions are working and the addition of a scheme at Ashby Farm will further enhance the benefit to the community.

Road surface water run off cannot be contained by these means but if road drains and gullies are taking a reduced rate of overflow from the brooks their capacity to cope with other surface water should be enhanced.

We would like to thank Messrs Walton and Price and the Richardson, Ledbury and Paxford families as without their help and support these works and the benefits they bring to the wider community would not have been possible.

Finally we would also like to thank the PC for their agreement to reserve funds for maintenance of the works and flood group volunteers for monitoring programme support.

Phil Wragg. Chairman, SAFAG. 23/12/2020   


Slowing the flow


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