2020 Year end report to Long Compton Parish Council and Flood Group.

Earlier this year SAFAG developed plans for a series of Natural Flood Management measures on and around the major watercourses and their feeders into Long Compton, principally Nethercote Brook and Shawnbrook.

These plans were evolved in conjunction with the relevant farmers, land owners and Long Compton Flood Group members, consented by Warwickshire CC’s flood management dep’t and with the support and agreement of Long Compton PC we have completed the following.

Woodlands Farm – Renewal and de sedimentation of an existing pond and 23 Leaky Dams on the stream from Long Compton woods. The landowner has also kindly enlarged an existing lake to increase storage capacity.

Yerdley Farm – 37 Leaky Dams on Nethercote Brook and 2 weather monitoring stations.

Butlers Road Farm – 36 Leaky Dams on the stream from Butlers Hill.

The Hollows – 14 Leaky Dams on a spring fed stream from Old Hill.

A further plan at Ashby Farm covering the Shawnbrook is also being developed following a change of ownership and once finalised we anticipate its implementation in 2021 when ground conditions permit. This scheme should also help reduce surface water run off to the west of the village.

All of the interventions already installed or planned have been designed to hold back, temporarily store and slow the flow of water into Long Compton from the brooks.

The heavy rainfall events subsequent to their completion appear to indicate that the interventions are working and the addition of a scheme at Ashby Farm will further enhance the benefit to the community.

Road surface water run off cannot be contained by these means but if road drains and gullies are taking a reduced rate of overflow from the brooks their capacity to cope with other surface water should be enhanced.

We would like to thank Messrs Walton and Price and the Richardson, Ledbury and Paxford families as without their help and support these works and the benefits they bring to the wider community would not have been possible.

Finally we would also like to thank the PC for their agreement to reserve funds for maintenance of the works and flood group volunteers for monitoring programme support.

Phil Wragg. Chairman, SAFAG. 23/12/2020   


Slowing the flow


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Casual Vacancy in the Office of Parish Councillor


NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that a vacancy exists in the office of parish councillor for the parish of Long Compton, by reason of the resignation of Councillor Chris Burras on 9th October 2020.

Any ten local government electors for the parish may require an election to be held to fill the said vacancy. To do this, they must send a written request to the Chief Executive, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, which must reach him not later than 3rd day of November 2020.  No set form of words is necessary.

If such a request is received by the Chief Executive, an election will be held.  If no request is received, the vacancy will be filled in due course by co-option by the remaining members of the parish council.

Dated this 14rd day of October 2020.          By order of the parish council

Signed by…………………………………………………………………………...Parish Clerk/RFO

* Please note that due to the passing of emergency regulations in April 2020 governing the conduct of polls then should an election be requested in respect of the above vacancy then it is unlikely a poll may be held before Thursday 6th May 2021.


We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated candidate, with a real interest in village issues.  Councillors would be expected to attend a minimum of 12 meetings per year, but involvement in Working Parties, etc. can increase the time commitment.   Successful candidates must be willing to undertake appropriate training.   This is an opportunity to be part of a non-political, vibrant council striving to make Long Compton a thriving, safe community for everyone.



Eligibility requires candidates to be a qualifying commonwealth or EU citizen – is a registered elector of the Parish of Long Compton, resides or works within a three mile radius of the Parish of Long Compton.                 Contact Clerk for more details.


A Neighbours for Help Volunteer Scheme has been set up in the village. The lead co ordinator is Paul Field - 01608 684286/07976 700763 


Unfortunately this service no longer operates, however a new scheme will be operational shortly.

With LCFR funds, two new defibrillator cabinets have been purchased and installed at Long Compton Garage (CARS) on the Main Street and the other at the MOT centre on Old Hill / Old Road. These are in addition to the existing unit at The Red Lion.

Long Compton Businesses Section on Village Website


The Parish Council have approved including a local business section on  village website.

A list of local businesses is being collated but if you wish to be included please contact The Clerk to ensure you receive appropriate application form.

Email : or leave a message on 01608 684336

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