Dotted around the village are eight ancient water fountains which provided drinking water to the residents. These are believed to date back to the nineteenth century and to have been provided by the Marquess of Northampton who was a considerable local landowner. They fell into disuse with the coming of proper mains water in the 1950’s but still provide a point of interest to a stroll around the village; starting at the most impressive of the fountains located by the village shop.

  • The Medieval Cross and fountain on Main Street by the village shop
  • Fountain in Crockwell Street
  • Fountain by Compton Garage
  • Fountain on the North side of Broad Street
  • Fountain on the South side of East Street
  • Fountain on the East side of Main Street North of Clarks Lane.
  • Fountain at the junction with Old Hill
  • Fountain the East side of Old Hill